Emilia Romagna boasts some of Italy’s most hospitable people, some of its most productive land and some of its most soul-satisfying food. Since antiquity, the verdant lowlands have sown enough agricultural riches to feed a nation and finance an unending production line of lavish products: luxury cars, regal palazzi, Romanesque churches, and medieval towns. Being the birthplace of tagliatelle and tortellini, here you can learn how to cook a traditional dish of tortellini from scratch with Big Carlo and Mamma Luciana.

Discover the magic of the tradition of an artisanal production of the precious Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena D.O.P. of Acetaia di Giorgio. In an old mansion of the 14 Barbieri brothers, under its roof in the heart of the city of Modena keeps all the glamour and the attraction of very ancient rites and of centuries old tradition.